Case Studies

We specialise in robotic process automation (RPA) – software that automates routine business processes.

RPA can have a significant impact on business processes. Read on to see how we help clients integrate RPA into their existing processes.

How we made time by automating the hotel booking process.

Our client Crieff Hydro Hotel, based in Perthshire in Scotland, is a family spa resort providing luxurious accommodation, self-catering lodges and restaurants.

It quickly became obvious that automating the basic room booking process was going to be a strong contender for our first RPA implementation.

To handle simple web bookings previously, one full-time equivalent member of the team undertook this task constantly from 8am to 2pm each day. This member of staff has now been redeployed to another area of the sales team. Read more on how we made time for Crieff Hydro below.

How we made time by automating 100+ payrolls per month taking under 8 minutes.

Our client AFH offer an outsourced payroll solution, and had to spend a lot of their time on repetitive, time-consuming payroll processes. Therefore, we identified a great opportunity to save them time and better utilise their resources.

In working with AFH we had an idea of what we might find. But all companies are slightly different, and with AFH we identified that the logical first automation to be undertaken with the biggest potential for ROI would be for their Director Only and Owner-Managed Payroll submissions, run using Sage and also PayDashboard.

As a result, our client has now significantly increased the number of payrolls they run, partly because of the additional capacity this bot provides.

How we saved Star Refrigeration time by blending RPA with AI.

Senior members of the team were spending time on the onerous task of taking information from a detailed budget spreadsheet system into their internal planning system (IFS ERP).

By blending automation with artificial intelligence (AI), this timely process can be completed automatically by systematically working through the complex procedure with 100% accuracy. 

The process now takes 30 minutes to complete in the background compared to over 2 hours manually, and is significantly more robust. There is much less risk of errors, delivering a positive return on investment for Star Refrigeration.

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How we used bots to help our client save 11,200 hours per year.

Our client’s highly skilled accountants had to spend a lot of their time on repetitive, time-consuming tasks. So there was a clear opportunity to free them up to add real value elsewhere.

After identifying where we could make the biggest difference, we implemented RPA to automate all of those repetitive tasks. This involved installing two software robots and automating three processes. That took us just three months.

As a result, the accountants can now apply their expertise to areas that require their knowledge, judgement and insight. And our client recouped the cost of the installation in just seven months.

Hours saved on supplier statement reconciliations
Hours saved per year on daily bank statement reconciliations
Hours saved per year on daily revenue uploads

How we helped Alexander Ross Holdings save over 4,000 hours annually.

We worked with Alexander Ross Holdings to incorporate Robotic Process Automation (RPA) into two key customer service processes – Order Processing & Invoice Uploading.

The company is now reviewing all processes to see where other opportunities for automation exist.

Some of the other clients we have helped...