Sector Specialisms

RPA can be applied to a wide range of sectors - below we look at some of the more common types of businesses that approach us for help.


We have many clients in the accountancy sector, where the use of RPA can provide significant time-savings and improve accuracy of data.  Here are just some of the ways RPA improves efficiencies for them:

  • Client onboarding, including gathering and tracking Anti-Money Laundering requirements and standardising Letters of Engagement.
  • Payroll processing, internally and for clients.
  • Employee onboarding & offboarding
  • Tax compliance, plus form / data submission to HMRC
  • Billing, invoice processing & reconciliations.
  • Financial reporting, often building upon internal accounting software.


In this sector we regularly see clients with multiple systems and processes, and yet a need for quick and accurate data. RPA can assist in various areas, including:

  • Reservations.
  • Business bookings, for example Agent bookings or trade-shows and conferences.
  • Finance:
    • Invoice processing & supplier statement reconciliation
    • Departmental Budgeting
    • Rate loading, including integration with third-party sales.
  • Membership management, and wider integration of Leisure, Spa and/or Golf systems.
  • HR / people management, such as:
    • Employee onboarding/Offboarding
    • Time and Attendance
    • Right to work legislation & tracking.
  • Sales & Marketing:
    • Contact centre, for example providing a single customer view.
    • Upsell rooms or share promotional offers
    • Chat bot integration
    • Web bookings.
  • Management Reporting, in order to provide regular performance reports, and/or on-demand snapshots.
Watch how we work with hospitality businesses:

Other Commercial operations.

RPA can in essence be used across nearly any commercial sector, because of it’s flexibility and easy integration into any existing software, hardware and systems. Some examples of the kind of tasks that RPA can take over are:

  • Finance:
    • Order management & Invoice processing
    • Supplier management & Supplier statement
    • Treasury
    • Customer billing and Credit management.
  • HR & people:
    • Onboarding & offboarding of
      employees, plus areas of recruitment.
    • Time and attendance
    • Benefits administration.
  • Supply Chain
    • Inventory management
    • Demand and supply
    • Works order management & Returns processing
  • IT Services:
    • User account creation & Password resets
    • Backup and restore processes & protections
    • Routine maintenance and
    • Software deployment