We make time
for growth
with intelligent

We’re FD Intelligence. We help fuel profitable growth for the top 100 UK accounting firms and brands in other sectors. How?

Our pioneering blend of intelligent automation and finance expertise enables higher quality work to flow faster and more productively across business operations.

Join ambitious leaders experiencing 30% savings from automating routine work and employing 50%-time gains to deliver more strategic, high value, ventures.

What to expect with
intelligent automation

Imagine a team of AI-enriched, robot assistants, working tirelessly at pace, round the clock, accurate to the T. These software robots read your screen, understand handwriting and even analyse complex data to help you make smarter decisions.

And the best part? If a robot encounters a tricky situation, it knows when to ask for your expert guidance, so no errors slip through.

We’ll help you start designing and delivering processes that drive a super-productive workforce of robots and your people.

Say goodbye to soul-destroying jobs errors and angst. Say hello to multiple gains.

What you gain

Productivity boosts

Start managing peak workload periods with confidence, without hiring more people. Easily scale existing resources to manage growth.

Reduced cost
& risk

Perform tasks faster, remove errors to boost quality and compliance. Cut labour overheads to generate 30% savings.

Increased employee value & satisfaction

With automation
expertly performing number-crunching and data processing, advance employees to more valuable strategic advising.

Improved Customer Services

Faster service completion times means greater customer loyalty and more time for services and experiences they value more.

ROI in months

See benefits in weeks for simple intelligent automation scenarios. Deliver complex,
end-to-end, process automations in just
3-4 months.

Our clients

Put us to work

We’ll help you deliver intelligently automated processes that transform work across your finance and HR operations.

We’ve created PETAR™, the world’s first, super-productive, personal tax automation robot

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Whatever your size, we deliver intelligent automation faster, without complexity and compromise.

Take profitable action today.