Us & Our team

At FD Intelligence, we provide RPA solutions for businesses throughout the UK. Our team has over 25 years’ experience of software delivery.

We’ve designed and implemented RPA projects for businesses ranging from small and medium-sized enterprises to multinationals. We use best-in-class RPA software from UiPath, and our team consists of UiPath Certified developers and trainers.

We approach every project from the business perspective

We’ll work with you to determine which solutions would be most beneficial to you and your teams. We always ensure that we understand the human processes that are in place and then look at how RPA could assist and improve efficiencies. We won’t start a project until we’ve proven the potential for a positive return on your investment.

Andrew Guy BSc (Hons)

Managing Director & Founder

Dr Gareth Ward (PhD)

Head of Innovation and Development

Nicola MacLennan

Head of Business Analysis

Graeme Davies

Marketing Director

Glenn Roberts

RPA Developer

Lewis Henderson

RPA Developer

Martin Paton

RPA Developer

Steven Bruce

RPA Developer

Peter McCartney

RPA Developer

Alex Dickens

Junior RPA Developer