Our Solution

Our intelligent automation solution enables a super-productive workforce of software robots, AI and people, to perform higher quality work – faster and smarter.

This pioneering combination creates sophisticated solutions that transcend traditional boundaries.

For example, by incorporating Generative AI engines, we’re transforming the UK personal tax sector with a product that streamlines tax return preparation – with minimal human intervention.

How we work

Intelligent automation relies on software robots that mimic human abilities to ‘see’, ‘think’, and ‘do’ work. Robots can launch and operate your existing applications, then use them faster, more accurately, than people.

Robots SEE the computer screen, just like a person, handle prompts and read scanned documents, emails and even handwriting to extract relevant information.

Robots also THINK by using machine learning algorithms to analyse data, make decisions and flag any discrepancies for further review.

Robots DO work by following business rules: performing repetitive work without errors 24/7. They involve people in any situations requiring extra judgement and experience.

Intelligent automation relies on software robots that mimic human abilities to ‘see’, ‘think’, and ‘do’ work.

Learn more about how you deliver intelligently automated processes that transform work across your finance and HR operations.

Intelligent automation relies on software robots that mimic human abilities to ‘see’, ‘think’, and ‘do’ work.

Make it happen

Having a business vision-aligned strategy and deployment structure is key to successfully managing, sustaining and scaling intelligent automation.

Our team applies its vast experience to support you every step of the way: whatever the stage of your intelligent automation journey.

Unlike lengthy IT projects, we deliver benefits within weeks for simple scenarios, and complex end-to-end processes can be rolled out in just 3-4 months.

Our gold standard operating model and managed service helps you deliver swift, tangible value – without risk, in 3 powerful moves.


Identify work to automate across your operations that will swiftly generate greatest value.

– We offer a comprehensive project roadmap, detailing current & future
process flows.

– We also ensure that all exceptions and approvals are addressed before
you start.


Design, test, and smoothly deliver work process automations.

– We prioritise robust and reusable automation solutions.

– We enable seamless collaboration of automation developers & subject matter experts.

– You’ll also experience swift issue resolution, efficient sprints, training and rigorous reviews.

Manage & Run

Securely deploy, manage, and scale work automations of increasing complexity from a central system.

– We provide two-week ‘hypercare’ support for live deployments.

– Annual scheduling, monitoring and reporting services are detailed in each client agreement.

– Our flexible managed service offers a hybrid model – where we train and mentor your own COE.

– We can also fully manage your automation project’s entire lifecycle.

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