Alexander Ross Holdings

How we help a leading janitorial & soap manufacturer save over 4,000 hours annually.

The challenge

Alexander Ross Holdings (ARH), a UK based manufacturer, consists of three key business. Unico, a janitorial company, The Scottish Fine Soaps Company and Montague Lloyd, a hotel amenity supplier.

A key challenge for ARH is preventing its customer services team expending too much effort on two time-consuming and repetitive tasks – most notably: order processing and invoice uploading.

ARH gets most orders via email, with a team of six handling about 1,000 orders weekly. They manually input PDF orders into the system and address queries. Beyond order entry, little value was being added.

Scottish Fine Soaps’ major customers demand online invoice uploads for payment. The Finance Director handled this labour-intensive task due to high invoice values, but this added risks of human errors.

The solution

FD Intelligence enables software robots to intelligently automate these processes.

Order processing: The robot extracts data from PDF orders via email and intelligently reads relevant data using advanced machine learning and document understanding technologies. The robot populates the ERP system. Exceptions or anomalies trigger manual review by the team before the robot resumes.

Invoice processing: within 2 weeks the robot was processing invoices – the process is now much quicker, runs in the background and is less error prone.

The results

Intelligent automation of the two processes took only 2 months: they are now faster, more efficient, robust and auditable.
Average handling time of the processes has been reduced by 95%.

ARH has gained over 4,000 hours back to the business: liberating employees to concentrate on high value tasks and improving customer experiences.

Intelligent automation has shown ARH what is possible, they now have an automation-first mindset.

“FD Intelligence have significantly impacted the efficiency of our business. Having spent the time to truly understand our business processes, they were able to identify priority areas where intelligent automation can be utilised. They then deployed robots which have made a significant positive impact on our overall operational efficiencies.”

Robert Ross, Managing Director

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