Game-changing automation technology, to drive efficiency in your hotel.

FD Intelligence & FD Hotel Accounting are sister companies, both of which use automation technology to save money in your hotel business.

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About FD Hotel Accounting.

Outsource you finance function to get 24/7 USALI reporting, without recruitment challenges.​

FD Hotel Accounting offers a fully outsourced hotel finance function, set-up and run by hospitality finance professionals.  We provide a unique online software platform to bring together all your financial and non-financial information into live dashboards.  This provides clients with daily flash reports and financial insights to help with effective decision making in real time.  

Dashboards are available 24/7, even on your mobile, to enable your team to analyse daily performance against budget and quickly identify issues affecting performance.  More in-depth data is also available, so you can apply the right strategies to improve performance before the end of the month rather than after. You can also access your entire business portfolio and compare the financial performance of each unit, benchmarking performance against your own units and also against competitive sets. 

See some of our sample 24/7 dashboards:

About FD Intelligence:

Automate recurring hotel processes, making you time and saving you money.

FD Intelligence started life building the robotic process automation technology used by FD Hotel Accounting.  We now work more widely providing intelligent automation across the back-office and front-office functions of various large hotel groups. For example, in processes such as invoice processing and third-party sales rate loading. 

Imagine an employee who can work 24x7x365. Who never gets sick, takes holiday and who enables your other staff to focus even more on the customer experience?  All whilst delivering greater efficiency, and significant cost savings. 

These employees exist, we’ve already deployed them into hotels and they are extremely cost efficient.

We’ve even recently won an international award for our work automating the hotels sector – click here to read more.

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Imagine an employee who can work 24x7x365. Who never gets sick, takes holiday and who enables other staff to focus solely on the customer experience?

We have made automated bots for various large hotel chains, and they are delivering significant cost savings. Come along to find out more, and hear how we use automation within existing hotel finance functions and elsewhere.

Monday 3rd October, 11:35am

Meet the speakers:

Photo of Andrew Guy

Andrew Guy BSc (Hons)

Managing Director & Founder of FD Intelligence (part of the French Duncan family)

Ian Bremner

Managing Director of FD Hotel Accounting (part of the French Duncan family)

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We’re always happy to chat to hotel owners, management companies and chains about what we offer, whether in Robotic Process Automation, Hotel Accounting or both.

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